Don't Get Caught With Dirty Drawers: 99 Calabria Travel Tips

65 Tips for Traveling in Calabria

Miles from any major tourist stop, Calabria is what many people imagine when they think of Old Italy. Hundreds of quaint villages dot the coastline, where the local barista knows everyone by name and where your friends’ brothers, dads or uncles own 90% of the town’s establishments.

It is charming. It is quaint. It is authentic Italy.

But while this Old World charm and lack of tourism are appealing to many travelers, it also means there is a lack of infrastructure in place that caters to them.

For many Calabria-bound travelers, this is scary and knowing what to expect before you go could make the difference between that once-in-a-lifetime Calabrian vacation and a week full of stress, hassles and cultural misunderstandings.

Don't Get Caught With Dirty Drawers ... and 64 other tips for traveling in Calabria was crafted to help you combat those misunderstandings and help ensure your Calabria vacation exceeds your expectations.

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